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Wayprinter is brand of PJ WEINOX HARDWARE COMPANY which is an original manufacturer for our own series flatbed printer and have been on the flatbed printer realm for more than 10 years. We focus on small size UV DTG Edible ink flatbed printer with a great deal of experinece.

Only a real factory can provide factory technical support to customers. We have our own engineer team for OEM and ODM service, sufficient experience on small size flatbed printer manufacturing. Quality is very stable and some customers have been using our printer for more than 5 years. We welcome any customer to visit our factory directly.

Factory History

Every factory has its history. As the leading manufacturer of small series flatbed printer in China, we of course have our factory history.

2019 New upgrade industrial class small flatbed printer WPXP600 series push to market, this is innovational series, with industrial motherboard and select almost all components and parts by ourselves. For Single Head and Dual Hear Version. The WPXP600sUV has 3 times faster printing speed than the A3 and A4 model UV printer and at the same time, with better printing quality. Dual Head DTG T shirt printer can provide 5 times faster printing speed than A3 DTG series, specially on Black T shirt printing. The new series flatbed printer is a symbol that our factory is coming to a high grade Flatbed Prnter industry. WPL1390eUV has been upgraded to be WPL1800eUV, all machine including A4 series WPL805eUV use the Damper CISS set.

2017 Because of the good function and stable quality of our factory, more and more customer would like to purchase our flatbed printer, some flatbed printer manufacture in our province deside to stop their printer development and directly ask our factory to do OEM. Our factory exapnded due to large request. And the four direction electric tray "e" version printer come out and push to market. Upgrade A4 model WPL805UV and WPL805eUV, WP1390eUV are added to our production line, factory has larger place to be marterial warehouse and finished production warehouse.

2015 UV model flatbed printer production line has been created. New model of A4 UV printer WPR330UV and A3 UV Printer WP1390UV production line finished and for mass production. UV printer using the upgraded water circle cooling system which is the high grade cooling system than the wind-cooling system. Still goes with the high cost-effective property and competitive price, our printer have been popular and welcomed for all customers all over the world.

2014 Move to a larger factory due to the large market request, customer will need printers very quick and due to this reason a large place of the factory is for stock, the warehouse. This year the WPR2000 A3 flatbed printer finished and ready for market, based on 8 color DX5 print head flatbed printer, welcome for many DTG buyer for white ink printing. PJ Weinox Hardware Company is registed in more foreign business, the WayPrinter brand now is total unquid a company, service is nolonger relate to the Chinese company.

2013 Upgrade the current version, a new version with high completeness flatbed printer WPR230v15 and WPR230v18 come out, very stable quality, electrical moving tray and height adjusting knob. For the year, the A3 model come out, WP1390 A3 6 color flatbed printer with electrical moving tray and height adjusting knob. From this year factory decide to start the foreign business directly. And at the same year, for the fast developing, it needs a larger workshop for different model and the movement makes a workshop to be a real factory. WayPrinter brand come out and become a unquie department for doing foreign business directly.

2011 After one year experience of the A4 flatbed printer production, the innovative new generation printer WPR230 first version has been produced. 6 color flatbed printer, support the white ink printing by RIP software, for better printing quality and fast printing speed with much better control, self cleaning process, printer control like using a normal printer. Same year, Company HY was regested for doing business over the China market.

2009 The first A4 4 color flatbed printer WPM3500 was produced based on M3500, this is the sign for new direction of factory production, from the ceramic printer to multi functional flatbed printer. When the printer comes out, it was extremely popular of the near area of the printing market by the cost effective, stable quality and easy operation.

2007 A flatbed printer small workshop has been found in a small house for ceramic flatbed printer. The first version of ceramic flatbed is created in the workshop based on HP 4 color printer and start to sell to the market near city. Ceramic flatbed printer is special for ceramic power with high temperature


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