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Address : Longmian Industrial Zone, Duruan town, Pengjiang, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China

Phone/WeChat : 86-153-2268-2828



Professional Pre Sales - Our Professional Pre Sales team will answer your any question to let you make clear which machine is best for your request, and will recommend a suitable printer also provide the solution.

Wholesales/OEM Customized Service - As the 10 years flatbed printer manufacturer, we have been providing OEM service Wholesales/Reselling for many customers all over the world.

Factory Service/Support- One of the most important thing about the machine purchasing is the service! We are the original manufacturer of our series flatbed printers. We have many years of experience about what customer need.

Come and Visit Factory - We welcome customer direct to our factory to see our machine in person! We can show our machine printing and direct make sample printing for customer in our sample showroom.


Contact: Mr. Sean

Phone: 15322682828

Tel: 15322682828


Add: Longmian Industrial Zone, Duran town,Pengjiang district, Jiangmen City,Guangdong China

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