A3 UV Flatbed Printer

Digital uv flatbed printer A3

uv flatbed printer, Digital Flatbed Printer is the reproduction printing on flatbed printing business, by using inkjet printing, typically on plastic, we can also print the metal, leather, glass, stone, wood, plastic, textile etc. UP to 20 cm thickness item our printer can do the printing directly.

Dgital printing technology allows shorter runs of signs to be produced economically compare to the silk printing. Environmentally, the UV ink is environmental ink that no any risk to the healthy.

The advantage of flatbed digital printing

The biggest advantage that you can get from flatbed digital printing is the versatility that they offer. No matter what material, what shape, and what size of the material you want to print on, as long as it has a flat surface and does not exceed the maximum size of printable area of the flatbed, you can print on it. The resolution of prints produced by these devices is also very high and they can print in quick speed. The ink consumption of the device is also very efficient and you are able to use the ink as optimally as possible.

For Business!

What business you can do with uv flatbed printer?

1)Flatbed printer for advertisment business, for many differnet acrylic board

2)Faltbed printer for Glof ball, you can print comany logo, people face, signs, lables on glof ball.

3)Flatbed printer for Cell phone case, this is the most popular in the world. Iphone case, ipad case printing, phone case, Motorolar phone case, Samsung phone case etc.

4)Flatbed printer for Leather, printing on leather, you can print image logos on leather, bag, clothes

There can print a long of different material, so multi purpose is what UV printer doing.

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