DTG T-shirt Printing and Silk Screen Printing

Are you still using a method called Screen Printing to print T-shirt? Do you know there are a new industry named Digital flatbed printer direct to garment printing? DTG is an innovated industry of T-shirt printing.

Comparing to Screen Printing, the DTG printing do not need expensive setup process and time of screen printing. You do not need to setup the color borad for one image just adjust all the image and size in computer, printing direcly to the garment and even you print only 1 T shirt.Speed is fast and easy operation

The comparative disadvantage of DTG is equipment maintenance and ink cost. Ink technology developments have significantly improved ink performance and lowered ink cost. Digital printing technologies are non-contact, meaning that media is printed on without hand contact, allowing for a more precise image. This prevents the image distortion that takes place in screen printing.

If you are going to start a business of customized T shirt printing, the screen printing might not be the good choice to you, but the DTG printing will probably a good selectiion to you.

Wayprinter DTG printer is based on Epson print head with 6 color cartridges, or double head 12 channel printer, can print White ink with CYMK ink it means that our printer can print on black or dark garment, with RIP software (we can provide free of charge).

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