A3 DTG Digital Flatbed Printer

A3 DTG Digital Flatbed Printer

DTG Digital Flatbed Printer A3/A4

Compare to the old technology, the DTG is direct to garment, you can use our Wayprinter DTG printing machine directly print 1 t shirt, without making mold, fast complete printing. For white T shirt, there not film effect, good touching because the ink is going into the cotton directly.

Typically used for commercial applications (retail and event signage), flatbed printing is often a substitute for screen-printing. Since no printing plates or silkscreens must be produced, digital printing technology allows shorter runs of signs to be produced economically. Environmentally, flatbed digital printing is based on a more sustainable system than its commercial predecessor of solvent printing as it produces fewer waste cartridges and less indoor air pollution.

Below we can see one video that showing the printing process.

For Business!
What business you can do with our wayprinter A3 DTG flatbed printer?
1)Flatbed printer for Textile can print image with textile ink for printing on textile, like T-shirt, like flag, you can print your company logo or sign or lables on any textiles.

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