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About Wayprinter Support

The After Sales Service is a Very Important Part when customer selecting a flatbed printer machine. We have many years experience flatbed printer selling, we know what our customer want to know about when they receive the printer, and know about what we should do to let our customer understand well and easy.

Tutorials of Video and Instructions

We have enough step by step video tutorials instructions, from printer setup to software using, image selecting and making also the locating, whole process about our printer operating, to tell about how to make the flatbed printer work from beginning. Also, we provide maintenance video about daily maintenance, printer trouble shooting, like head changing, cleaning, ink pump changing and so on.

Most of our customer can directly start to operate our flatbed printer after seeing all our instructions. Any question we will also provide the Professional Technical Support.

Original Manufacturer Engineer Support

We are the original manufacturer, all series flatbed printers are designed and produced by our engineer team and workers in our own workshop. Wayprinter Foreign Business team will provide service to our foreign customer who purchase from us. With expert after sales support team we can provide very Professional Technical Support which the flatbed printer reseller/agent can not support.

Any request please contact us with the invoice number to our service Email:


1. Wayprinter team is our Factory official foreign business department, we only provide new printer and promise service for our customers who purchase from Wayprinter.

2. In the market, there are some Third-Party company (Chinese customer of re-sellers/agents and OEM) also reselling our printers to other countries, according to our company policy, Third-Party company should be responsible to their own channel service. Wayprinter Service will not cover the printers from Third-Party company.

3. We Wayprinter service team will only provide service to customers who purchase printers machine from with our invoice number. If customers purchased from other channel/re-seller, Wayprinter team will not provide support.

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