How to print on USB flash drive credit cards

Note, this video made in 2013 which is using Eco solvent ink flatbed printer directly print from Photoshop, the update pritnter is UV printer will use the RIP software for printig.

Card Printer is usually used to print on all kind of cards. Our uv flatbed printer A4 and A3 can do card printing job. For ID card, word name card, USB credit card, pen drive card etc.

This is an instruction of how to print on USB flash drive, USB credit cards. USB flash credit card is always used as the business card to contain the company detail and information for customers. There are also man customers purchase our flatbed printer for USB flash card printing.

Our flatbed printer can be the USB flash card printer, card printer.

How do we print on USB flash card by the flexible jig.

1. We measure the USB credit card deminsiion

2. Adjust the location on template in Photoshop (or orhter software)

3. We print the template on the plate which will fix the blank USB credit

4. Making image in and print out (UV printer will need the RIP software)

We have many step by step video and instruction about how to do printing, by our flatbed printer. Welcome to contact us for your request

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