UV Flatbed Printer

  • WPL1800eUV A3 UV
  • WPL1800eUV A3 UV
  • WPL1800eUV A3 UV
WPL1800eUV A3 UVWPL1800eUV A3 UVWPL1800eUV A3 UV

WPL1800eUV A3 UV

  • Product Dimension :760 x 630 x 430 mm
  • Package Dimension : 850 x 720 x 520 mm
  • Gross Weight :65KG
  • Print Area : 280*450*85 mm
  • Product description: This is Desktop A3 UV Flatbed Printer, most cost-effective model

    We can send DHL/Fedex/TNT or Air/Sea shipment. Please advise your country for shipping cost.

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