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Many customers in Netherlands would like to purchase the A4 UV printer Netherlands, and customer will search on Google, find our A4 uv flatbed printer.

In year 2014 there are still no A4 UV printer in the market, we are the manufacturer of flatbed printer that can produce the Eco solvent ink flatbed printer which is using Eco solvent ink. Compare to the A4 UV Printer Netherlands, the eco solvent ink can not dry directly, the will have to print on coating on any material.  A4 UV printer is a good product now for Netherlands customer.

This is Eco solvent ink printer not A4 UV Printer Netherlands, the a4 flatbed printer for our Netherlands customer purchased in year 2014. The Netherlands customer contact us for the A4 flatbed printer and ask question about our a4 flatbed printer Netherlands purchasing and delivery method, also many knowledge about the A4 flatbed printer.

The customer from Netherlands who purchased our printer for their business were happy with our printer.

In year 2016 the A4 UV printer comes well and also our A4 UV printer Netherlands customers also loves too.

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