Product Development

As the experienced flatbed printer manufacturer, Wayprinter has been in the industry for more than 10 years. We have created a lot of flatbed printers during this period.

There only manufacturer can do the jobs to introduce the company history and product development history. We will show below about Wayprinter product development.

WP1600 / 2007

WP1600 ceramic flatbed printer for the ceramic printing, this is the Wayprinter first model flatbed printer of our factory, it can print only on thin item like ceramic thickness, need special ink and powder and for heating to 800 degrees for fixing the image on ceramic.

WPM3500 / 2010

WPM3500 4 color A4 multipurpose flatbed printer, this is the first version of Wayprinter multipurpose flatbed printer, with 4 screws height adjusting and manual belt-clamping tray, it can print on 50mm height item. Already purchased by some customer near city for cell phone case printing by eco solvent ink.

WPR230v1 / 2012

WPR230v1 6 color A4 multipurpose flatbed printer. This is the new model with Epson R230 printer body and Wayprinter new flatbed printing platform. Faster speed and better printing quality. Still using the screw height adjusting with manual belt-clamping tray.

WPR230v15 / 2013

WPR230v15 6 color A4 multipurpose flatbed printer, based on WPR230v1, we create a X tray to be manual height adjusting function, and still using belt-clamping tray. But it is already highly convenient for Wayprinter’s customer to print different item, and the printing height to be up to 60mm.

WPR230v18 / 2014

WPR230v18 6 color A4 multipurpose flatbed printer, it is upgrade version on WPR230v15, it has a new power supply system and with an electric moving forward/backward tray. Printing height is up to 70mm. This is a very classical printer we have been selling till now, a kind of milestone product as the coming version are all developed based on this version.

WP1390 / 2013

WP1390 6 color A3 flatbed printer for DTG textile ink printing and eco solvent ink printing. This is the first A3 flatbed printer and with manual height adjusting knob and electric moving forward/backward tray. Once we push out to the market, it become very popular and Wayprinter customer from other country purchase directly from us when our foreign trade business department set up unique.

WPR2000 / 2015

WPR2000 8 color A3 flatbed printer with DX5 print head. This model is for DTG printing customer who would like to use 4 white ink channels and 4 color ink channels. But Epson stop the R2000 production already.

WPR330UV / 2015

WPR330UV 6 color A4 uv flatbed printer. The first Wayprinter UV version come out according to market’s request. It has the water cycle cooling system and the UV led system, also supports the white ink printing. Printer is using semi-electric moving tray, customer move the tray manual back the printing start it will self-clamp to the tray.

WP1390UV / 2016

WP1390UV 6 color A3 uv flatbed printer, adding the UV system and water cycle cooling system to our WP1390 printer to be Wayprinter WP1390UV printer. A3 size uv flatbed printer come out to complete our production line on DTG UV printing for A4 and A3 size.

WPL805UV / 2017

WPL800UV/WPL805UV 6 color A4 uv flatbed printer. Upgraded from WPR330UV, this model has electric control tray for moving forward/backward. Some structures like sensor change to be more stable using, adding function on on/off cleaning that can help Wayprinter customer to control the cleaning as their request.

WPL805eUV / 2018

WPL805eUV 6 color A4 uv flatbed printer. Upgrade to Duo cooling system (wind and water cooling) to all UV model as also this WPL805Euv. Cooling effect has been much higher increased. And electric lifting tray added to the “e” version model, it can control the tray lifting by electric bottom.

WPL1390eUV / 2018

WP1390eUV 6 color A3 UV flatbed printer. Wayrinter power supply system for the electric lifting tray, upgrade version of WP1390UV. It is the model we are currently selling for UV printing A3 request customer. Better power supply system and duo water cooling system can insure printer working much durable and long time.

WPL805eUV Upgrade / 2019

WPL805eUV upgrade version to be using the touch screen control panel, and with more component upgrade for much accurate printing, stable quality. We add the radiator for water cooling system and UV led have over heat protection

WPL1800e Upgrade / 2019

WPL1800e is new version for DTG, making electronic lifting tray and touch screen control panel, DTG printer is going to be a unique series, customer are requesting a cost-effective version of DTG printer.

WPL1800eUV Upgrade / 2019

WPL1800eUV upgrade version from WP1390eUV using the touch screen control panel, and original part change from 1390 to L1800 with more stable printing quality. With more component upgrade for much accurate printing, stable quality. We add the radiator for water cooling system and UV led have over heat protection. L1800 provide unlimted ink mode.

WPL1800ehUV / 2019

WPL1800ehUV is height version of WPL1800ehUV which can print higher substrates and it has the rotary for bottle printing which is request from customers, we upgrade the machine for market all the time.

WP3360shUV / 2020

WP3360shUV Series is a new series, it is Industrial Grade Model which is design and produced by our engineer, using industry controller board to make fast printing speed, compare to normal A3 and A4 desktop version, the print speed can be 3 times fast.

Technology and brand need to be built! For more 13 years experience, our factory has sufficient experience on flatbed printer manufacturing.

Turs us, trust your choice. Contact us for flatbed printer purchasing now!


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