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What WayPrinter Support to You!

As a professional UV Flatbed Printer and DTF Printer Manufacturer, we have been printing samples for customers all the time, you can send us your image, picture, and design to us, or directly send the substrate that you are planning to print on with the designs to us, we will print sample for you with the printer you want us to print on, we can make video demo for you. Contact Us Now!

Professional Pre Sales

Our Professional Pre-sales team will answer any question to make you clear which machine is best for your request and will recommend a suitable printer and provide the solution.

Wholesales/OEM Service

As an 17-year flatbed printer manufacturer, we have been providing OEM service Wholesale/Reselling for many customers all over the world.

Come and Visit Factory

We welcome customers directly to our factory to see our machine in person! We can show our machine printing and directly make sample printing for customers in our sample showroom.

Factory Service Support

One of the most important things about the machine purchasing is the service! We are the original manufacturer of our series of flatbed printers. We have many years of experience about what customers need.

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You can get a price of this model or send us any question to get any information you would like to know, we will reply to you soonest.