WP3040UV Small Industrial UV Printer

Product Dimension :560 x 480 x 400 mm
Package Dimension : 650 x 560 x 465 mm
Gross Weight:38KG
Print Area: 180 x 340 x 85mm

Product Description: This is our factory A4 UV flatbed printer flatbed printing machine.

We can send DHL/Fedex/TNT or Air/Sea shipments. Please advise your country for shipping costs.


WP3040UV is Industrial Version small size UV flatbed printer. It is suitable to the small printing request, also with the small printer size, it can save a lot of shipping cost for oversea foreign trade buesiness. 

WP3040S Wayprinter UV Printer


In this video we show the printing process of our WP3040UV Industrial Printer

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Print Head: Epson TX800 / XP600
Print Size: 300*400mm
Print Height: 0-80mm
Ink Supply System: Auto White Ink Mixing System
Cooling System: Strong Wind Cooling
Interface: USB Cable
Working Environment: 25-30C, 50%, Dust free
Print Head QuantityOne
Color Channel:CMYK+2W
Support Effect:Color, White, Embossed
Max Printing Speed12mins 30x40cm
Print Software:RIP Software
PC System Require:Windows
Power:AC 110/220V, 50Hz/60Hz


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High Integrated Circuit Control

High quality Intergraded Circuit control provide a stable power supply system for the machine.

Servo Stepping Motor

Using Servo motors to keep high precision and stable printing.

HIWIN Guide Rail

Using Famous brand – HIWIN Guide Rail , it will bring stable moving during printing and durable using.

Negative Pressure Ink Damper System

Enhanced Negative Pressure keep the ink flowing very smoothy in completed ink supply system

White ink stirring

Timing ink mixer prevent the white ink from deposting

Timing Ink Flashing

This function will be really helpfully to wet the print head and avoid any clogging 


WP3040UV is a single head UV flatbed printer, that can support based UV printing requests like color printing any color surface and material. Provide CMYK+2W channel, we can print embossed effects also. If you want to have more printing effect, contact us for another model our sales team will recommend a suitable machine for you.


UV Color Printing Effect

Full color printing with white background to print on any color surface material.



White ink printing for some reqeust only need the white color image or text as content


UV Ebmossed Effect

You can make embossed effect to make image like 3D effect.


All our UV flatbed printer support the Jig Fixture for mass production. The jig will be suitable for the printer flatbed tray accordingly to the items you will print on.

The jig can be customized as per your request, welcome to contact us about what you need to make.

Jig and Fixture for UV printer

Samples of WP3040UV Industrial UV Printer

These are the samples that our UV printer series can support. The WP3040S small-size UV printer supports flatbed printing, but can not provide UV DTF sticker and rotary printing, so if you would like to print UV DTF sticker and Rotary, please see another model or contact us we will provide the suitable model for you.


WayPrinter UV and DTF printing machines have been used by customers worldwide, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, etc. 

uv printer buyer photo
USA customer uv printer photos
uv printer buyer photo
printer photo


Personal And Wholesales

We use the wooden crate box for packing the printers, with buffer inside to protect the machine during any shipping method like DHL, air freight, and seafreight. 

Model :WP3040UV Industrial UV Printer
Product Dimension :560 x 480 x 400 mm
Package Dimension :650 x 560 x 465 mm
Gross Weight:38KG
printer package and delivery


We are an original manufacturer of UV and DTF printers, since 2007 we provide 30,000+ machines to customers all over the world

uv printer factory

Own 3000+ Factory Workshop

uv printer factory workshop

Daily Printer Packing and Delivery


Large Material Warehouse for OEM Orders


One of most important factor you will need to consider buying a machine from other country, the service! As manufacturer, we have engineer team who design and produce the printer, we have experience on support of our series UV and DTF printers.


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