acrylic printer

Acrylic Printer

Acrylic is a commend material you can see in our daily life, you can see the signs, construction, building indications, home decorate and even packing boxes. 

When we need to make custom images, graphic or designs on the acrylic material, we will need to use Acrylic Printer.

The Acrylic Printer is a digital inkjet printing machine with UV technology for printing on acrylic material. It can print any content like photos, text, images, pictures, and designs with full color and white ink image, the Dual head industrial UV printer can also support the varnish glossy printing.


Acrylic Printer Video Demo

Video below will show you how our acrylic printer do the acrylic sheet printing, we print both side of the acrylic, first layer will be print color then white for seeing from front side. And secondly we will print the image again on the back side on background surface. So this Acrylic sheet will be seen as both side.

acrylic printer video
Play Video about acrylic printer video

Acrylic Printer for Your Business

Choose one correct acrylic printer to match your acrylic printing business. From small A4 size to large 60x90cm acrylic sheet. Depends on your printing request, we recommend the single head industrial version printer will be enough. If you have varnish glossy printing request we will also need dual head machine which support varnish ink printing glossy effect.

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