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Digital Printing on Wood : 11 Knowledge Guide


Below is the guide you would like to know about digital printing on wood. 

What is Digital Printing on Wood?

Digital Printing on Wood is a new printing method of printing images or any content on the wood surface directly.

It is based on UV LED inkjet printing technology using UV ink to print content on the wood surface. UV ink will be used in UV digital printing as it can be printed on most types of wood surfaces without a coating request. 

You can print any image, or design printed on wood with the UV flatbed printer as it can do digital printing on wood directly.

Steps of How to Do Digital Printing on Wood (Video)

The process of digital print on wood is very easy. 

  1. Measure the wood pieces/board items that you will print on.
  2. Prepare the content, it could be an image, design, artwork, text or photos you want to print on in PC with the same size that you measured in step 1.
  3. Process the file of the content that you already prepare, use software to process it.
  4. Put the wood pieces items that you will print on to the correct location and move the tray back directly
  5. Click the print button in the software in PC so the print process start directly
  6. Get the completed printed wood items you want to have.

There were only a few steps to do the digital printing on wood you can see below video that showing how the process it.

digital printing on wood
Play Video about digital printing on wood

Printer for Digital Printing on Wood

For your selection, there are UV printer flatbed series for digital pritning on wood for your reference. Get differnet printing size of the wood board you would like to print on mostly or directly select the large size printer that can print with 60×40 and even 90x60cm wood boards.

Effect and Color for Digital Printing on Wood

Embossed, White, Full-Color, and even Varnish Glossy you can completed by UV Digital Printing on Wood

Full Color

The digital printing method allows to make full-color printing on wood at one print pass


You can print a white color background before the full-color image is printed on, and also can print only a white color image


Touch the wood image surface, you can feel the uneven raised effect on the printed design


This effect will request the very smooth surface of the wood you are going print on, but it is possible to be achieved by digital printing on wood.

digital printing on wood

Vivid Detail of Wood Printing by Digital Printing Method

The UV printing technology advantage is it can make digital inkjet printing directly on wood surface, they detail wil be perfect like printing on photo paper.

And it can make accurate place when you want to print on.

Types of Wood for Digital Printing

You can do digital printing on almost all kinds of wood, even wood surfaces are covered by a layer of paint.


Maple wood is very popular over the world, you can make image on the surface of it

MDF Wood

Popular wood for cutting and printing on decorate item making by digital printing


With digital printing method, you can make color image on the brich wood surface


Beechwood is what people usually decorate and make further, now you can do digital printing on it too.

More about Digital Printing on Wood

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