lego puzzle picture printer

DIY Lego Brick Puzzle Picture Printing with Lego Brick Printer

The Lego brick puzzle picture printer is for the customer to make DIY pictures on Lego bricks and blocks, it can print the images and photos directly on the Lego brick.

With the Lego brick UV printer, you will be able to print image directly.


Video of Lego Brick Picture Printing

Using our LEGO UV PRINTER you can easily complete the printing process. 

Lego Puzzle Printer
Play Video about Lego Puzzle Printer

Printers for Brick Puzzle Picture Printing

Depending on the size of the Lego brick puzzle printing, also for different price rang for your budget, we have a series of Lego UV Printers for your selection. 

Brick Puzzle Printing Detail

Kindly see the detail below of the Lego brick puzzle picture printing with our Lego UV Printer.

Lego brick puzzle printer detail

You can see the detail of the printing on Lego ABS material

Please also see detail of the eyes on the photo we printed

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