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Oil Painting Printer - UV Digital Print on Canvas

If you need a printing device for custom printing oil painting artwork, then an oil painting printer is your best choice. Because oil painting printers are based on UV digital inkjet printing technology, they can directly print all your design artwork, pictures, and photos on canvas digitally. Moreover, this process can be very fast.

Now let us see more about the oil printing printer which you may find a new world of printing machine for oil painting printing and canvas printing.

How to Make Print with Oil Painting Printer

With only a few steps and processes you will make a new oil painting and canvas printing. Once the artwork is complete, we can directly see the result.

Step 1: We select the pattern we want to print. 

Step 2: We find a blank canvas that fits the size and shape we need to print.

Step 3: We only need to set up our pattern image on the computer according to the size and image of the oil painting. 

Step 4: We place the blank canvas on the tray of the oil painting printer, which has already been positioned. 

Step 5: We simply press the print button on the computer, and the entire printing process will start and finish.

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What Sizes of Oil Paintings can We Generally Print?

This depends on the printing area size of the UV flatbed printer you choose. For example, some small UV printers have a printing range of A4 size, so you can print oil paintings of A4 size. Of course, for artworks typically used in art hanging or on living room and dining room walls, we need larger sizes, such as 40×60 centimeters. For this, we would require a UV oil painting printer with a printing area of 40×60 centimeters.

What Thickness the Oil Painting Printer Support?

Generally, our oil paintings are not very thick, usually around two to three centimeters in thickness. Basically, all UV printers can print at this height. Our oil painting printers can print oil paintings that are at least eight centimeters high. So, you don’t have to worry about the thickness of the oil painting being too high or whether the oil painting printer can print it; this is not a concern at all.


How to Choose an Oil Painting Printer?

There are various UV LED flatbed printers available for custom oil painting printing for you to choose from, so select the one that suits your printing size and effect requirements.

What are the Advantages of Oil Painting Printers?

Why should we use oil painting printers? Let us see below 4 beneficiaries you will have when you use the oil painting printer.

First: Shorter Production Itme

Using oil painting printers greatly reduces production time because we only need to prepare the artwork and directly use the UV Led printer to print the pattern images, photos, designs, etc. we want to print. The entire process only takes a few minutes to around 20 minutes.

Second: Increase Profits

Because the reduction in production time can lead to a reduction in our production costs. Normally, producing oil paintings requires manual painting, which incurs high time and labor costs. With UV oil painting printers, we can directly reduce production costs significantly, thus increasing profits.

Third: Close to Original Oil Painting

With UV oil painting printers, we can print many different colors, full-color prints, one-step completed, and even print embossed effects, similar to the tactile sensation of embossing produced by real oil paintings.

Fourth: Varnish Glossy Effect

If you need a UV cultural printer, it can also print a gloss oil effect, which can display a glossy effect on the surface of some spots.

Mass Production of Custom Oil Painting

With the oil painting machine, you will be able to get mass production in a small room, as the machine can be running very fast, if your oil painting business is growing fast, you will purchase more and more machines or have a larger size printer to complete mass production of oil painting pictures.

Make Picture and Photos into Painting in Ohter Materials

Not only the material of canvas and oil paint you can make custom images printed on, you will be able to print on other materials to be artwork like on leaf, acrylic printing, KT board, puzzle printing, etc.

Images on Leafs

Acrylic Photo

Pictures on Puzzle

KT Boards

Oil Painting Printer - The Best One for Custom Canvas Printing Machine

After all you can see above, the oil painting printer can support most of your small and large custom oil painting printing businesses. The only question is whether you will find a suitable one that matches your business. If you have more questions just feel free to contact us. We will be glad to provide support.

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