Lego brick printer

LEGO Brick Printer - Best Machine to Print Your Custom Design on LEGO Parts

The Lego Brick Printer is a UV printing machine that can print any custom designs, images and photos on the Lego bricks and parts. For any size within the printing area, you can print any content you want to show on the parts of Lego, and even a large photos on the Lego bricks wall and puzzle.

Full-color printing on the Lego brick at one printing pass as it is a digital inkjet UV LED printer, you can also do any quantity brick printing with the UV Lego brick printer.

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Lego Brick Printing Video

The video below you will see how the Lego brick printer work step by step, it is easy to make any image on the Lego brick and with full color printing. There is only one piece Lego showing in the video, but actually you can do mass production for batch printing request. 

Lego brick printer
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The UV Printer for Lego Brick Printing

The UV printer series you can see below for UV Lego bricks printing mainly depends on what printing area you will need, for small quantity printing, the A4 desktop UV printer will be good enough as the cost is low, but for mass production and more stable printer quality request, industrial version will be much suitable for your businesses.


Full Color Printing on Lego Bricks

With UV printing techonloty, you will be able to make prints on Lego brick with any color at one printing pass like using a normaly digital inkjet printer, photo or image will be printed out directly from PC

Lego UV brick printer

Also for Lego Minifigures

You can see in other video that we can also use the Lego brick printer to print on Lego minifigure as the Lego UV printer you can also print on other shape of Lego items. 

lego brick puzzle printing

Lego Brick Puzzle Photo Printing

A popular usage of the Lego brick printer is to print custom photos and images on the Lego brick puzzle. This can be a gift or a kind of decorative promotion item too. 

See Our Customer Who Print Lego Brick

Customer in USA

In 2020 a customer from the USA purchased our A4 UV printer for the Lego printing business.

Here is a video from him about our printing he has been using printing for 2 years since this printer purchase till the video was made.

You can contact us about the Lego brick printer now by clicking below contact button below.

Play Video about USA A4 UV Printer review

Lego Brick Jig Supported

A Jig for Lego printing for mass production will be necessary of course, you can contact us to make suitable jig for your printing request, and we have a small jig that can do print on any Lego brick you can see below photo for your reference. We can custom the jig for you just feel free to contact us about your request.

Lego Jig for minifigures

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