flat plastic bottle printing machine

Flat Plastic Water Bottle Printing Machine for Custom Logo and Design Printing

If you are looking for a flat plastic water bottle printer for your small printing business about the custom design, Logo, image and artwork printing. Here the UV flatbed printer will be good for you.

I can make multi color printing so you can get almost all kind of image printing on it.

Flat Water Bottle Printing Process

The printing process of plastic bottle printing is straightforward, for flat bottle printing, we prepare the image with the size we will print on. and we locate the printing bottle on the plastic bottle printer tray. Press the print button, that’s it!

flat plastic bottle printing
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Choose The Right Plastic Water Bottle Printer

For flat square water bottle printer request, you normally only need to consider the tray size of the printer, because if you need to print mass production for large quantity flat water bottles, you will choose a larger printing size water bottle printer, to put as much as you can on the flatbed tray by doing so, you can have more water bottle printed at one printing pass

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