make photo into jigsaw

Make Photo Into Jigsaw for 100 to 1000 Pieces Puzzle

Making photo into jigsaw is popular in the world, you can find that many photos people want to see on puzzle and many of them are sending to freind as gift.

So how do we make photo into jigsaw? If it is easy to make photos into jigsaw and what machine you will need to use to make photo into jigsaw?

Below we see the guide about it to tell you all answers.

How to Make Custom Photo Into Jigsaw Puzzle?

Process of making photo into jigsaw puzzle with the UV Led flatbed Puzzle Printer, you can see below video. Exteremly easy job to make photo into Jigsaw. 

What Photos Usually People Make Into Jigsaw?

We have detailed tutorials about how we use our Lego UV Printer to print the Lego Minifigure and the bricks. Also, we have a Jig/Fixture/Template for Lego UV Printing, for our customers who purchase the UV printer for Lego printing, we can provide a FREE jig, if you need this Jig please just feel free to talk to us for it.

wedding photo for jigsaw

Wedding Photos

This might be a most popular jigsaw photo that people are willng to make into jigsaw as the gift to send to friends for celebrating the wedding.

Memoriable Photos

Memoriable photos will be a good photos and iamges that usually people choose to make into jagsaw, it can be a picture that hug on wall

Promotional Images

Making promotional items, the jigsaw is one that poeple likes. So making a photo into jigsaw as the custom reqeust, promotional photos are always the choice. 

What Printers for Making Photo to Jigsaw?

Mainly different size of jigsaw puzzles is the standard that you will refer to when you find a Puzzle Printer for your business. It does not need to consider the puzzle piece’s quantity because we will print images on the whole puzzle. 

Steps of Making Photo into Jigsaw

I think from the video above you already seen how easy to make photo into jigsaw with the UV printer. Now we can conclude the steps that you will do to make photo into jigsaw:

  1. Measure the size of the jigsaw you are going to print photo on.
  2. To make photo according to the size you already got in the step #1 in your PC with software like Photoshop
  3. Put the jigsaw puzzle onto the UV printer flatbed tray in the location
  4. Directly press the print button to make the photo into jigsaw puzzle 


You can see that is far more easy than your thought, as long as you use the Jigsaw Puzzle Printer. 


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