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Lego UV Printer - Small Custom Minifigure Lego Printer

Are you looking for a minifigure Lego UV Printer with low cheap cost. Then you get the correctly place as we are the small size uv flatbed printer manufacturer

The is our small size Lego UV Printer that is small A4 size printer, we have WPL805eUV model Lego UV printer for your selection.

Below you will see our video demo for showing how our printer printing the Lego minifigures, also our Lego UV Printing Machine can print the Lego Bricks.

You can use our Lego Minifigure UV printer to customize what your would like to print on. 

We have dietail tutorials about how we use our Lego UV Printer to print the Lego Minifigure and the bricks. Also we have Jig/Fixture/Template for Lego UV Printing. 

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